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confession: I'm slowly getting worse and worse, tearing myself apart, and no one knows. School is taking over my life, and I can't study anything without thinking about how fucking hopeless I am, and wanting to tear my skin open. I'm on the brink of breaking and all I can do is sit here and do nothing because it's the only thing I can do. I'm going to fail all of my exams and that just won't meet anyone's expectations at all. Everything's pretty goddamn shit.

Please please come off anon and privately message me. I really want to talk to you. Please.

Confession: I miss owning a bathtub (I’m running out of confessions )


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"Even though we weren’t together, you still broke my heart. Fucking asshole."
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I slept with a married man and his bestfriend. One after the other.

Confession: I love living out of home

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Confession: my ex girlfriend moved on 6 months ago and I haven't had a day not thinking about her and crying.

Everything will get better , you will find someone better. I promise you.

Confession: my whole family is falling apart

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Confess something to me and I’ll confess something also

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Confession: I'm sleeping with my friends girlfriend, she started it, but I let her.

You need to tell you friend.

Confession: I’m such a jealous person , I got jealous of my bf hanging out with a 40 year old..

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Confession: I've been drinking far too much and letting my porn addiction come back. For no reason other than things were going too well. I'm trying to destroy myself.

confession: I decorate my room very colourful and positive and stick fake butterflies all over my roof so people think im happy

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